Friday, August 5, 2011

Sullen Merman

I promise that I am not as sad and pathetic as I seem to convey in these pictures. I have an affinity for looking down in photos, so I decided to keep my head up and this depressed look seems to be the only expression my face could create.
The simple, black lace bandeau is from Ragstock, the blue-black sparkly maxi skirt (which may not actually be meant to wear high-waisted, but since I'm so short I am forced to wear that way) is from the clearance rack at Forever 21. I got my Dr. Marten boots at a second hand store called Plato's Closet for $16. The hat is borrowed from the boyfriend and the black zipper bracelet is from Claire's, as well as the zipper necklace. The fork bracelet was made by the boyfriend.
I really like this outfit and would probably wear it anywhere - except for a restaurant, however weird this may be, I just feel uncomfortable showing that much skin at any sort of eatery.