Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guess who's back

Shady's back. Back again. I've got me a camera so Lookbookin' is possible again! Hallelujah.
This green sweater was twenty-five cents at a garage sale in the middle of July, where my friends thought me insane for thinking about such clothing in 98 degree weather. It is my go-to garment nowadays. The faux leather shorts were on SUPER clearance at a JCPenney last summer for $2.50 and I wondered to myself, "Why so cheap?" I found out why quite quickly. These buddies make your ass sweat faster than sitting on a skillet. Also, the button fell off after two wears. But it's all good. I feel my new life motto goes something like: "Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry." I refuse to wear an outfit without a statement necklace or bunch of bangles and, of course, too many rings for one hand.

Oh. I got a bit of a haircut. Since I last posted a picture of my hair, it has been completely blonde, to completely bright red, then back to all blonde, and now partially blonde and my natural hair color. What is hair for other than to play with, right?