Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love at 1st Bite

I just watched The Runaways, that movie with KStew and DFann about '70s punk girl band, and am OBSESSED. I wish I was born in 1952 so I could be a teen in the '60s and in my twenties in the '70s. How perfect?! If I had any sort of musical talent, like even just trusting my ability to yell into a microphone, I'd be all over that "let's make a band even though we're only 17 years old" thing. The Runaways had such a short-lived but insanely exciting existence. UGH! The ripped stockings, the lingerie as outerwear, the great black boots, the dyed hair, the colorful make-up, the bodysuits, the metallics! What a dream.

The outfit isn't totally inspired by anything '70s, but I was feelin' punky and like I wanted to intimidate people. I could totally beat someone up, right? Or at least spit on them. 

Too cool for school? Maybe. But it's summer break anyway, so we may never know. This loading dock, on a SCORCHING day, was pretty pimpin'. Check out this awesome look from my sisterbestfriend to see more of the dock.