Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The title almost included the word "Ahoy." But no.

Alright, we need to address something. I HATE TRAINS. This was an abandoned car - as far as I know (although I did hear a stirring within after a while) - and it was unattached to any other train things, so these were positives of this brightly painted train car. However, whilst taking photos, two trains went by on train tracks that were 15 feet away so I had to sprint screaming in those platforms in big nasty rocks. It's an understatement to say I was horrified. Ugh, the things we do when young.
This look is a bit more poppy than I'm used to, but I'm trying that whole "Step outside of your comfort zone thing". It's actually a dress with a skirt over it. The dress was what I wore for my high school graduation party and the skirt was on super sale on Black Friday 3 years ago. The curl in my hair happened to look quite perfect, so hallelujah for this perfect bowler. My jewelry was a silver beaded necklace that I had clasped tightly around my neck, leaving a bit of a train down the back of my neck. 

I, in no way, compare myself to Madame Monroe, but the blonde, the train, the bright colors remind me of the number one comedy movie of all-time, Some Like It Hot. But don't think that I'm trying to remind you of her. Also, the Darjeeling Limited is a brilliant movie about a train, so yeah, connections. ... I love Adrien Brody more than any other movie star man.