Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have MANY obsessions. The one that has proven to be the most rewarding and long lasting is my love for Elvis Aaron Presley. I have pictures of my seventh birthday party where I am cheesin' big time with an Elvis clock whose legs swing as the pendulum. For the past thirteen birthdays now, I'm sure not one has passed where I've been given some memorabilia of that beautiful and talented and perfect and angelic and amazing man. My number one vacation spot in the United States would HANDSDOWN be Memphis, Tennessee. I mean, not only is Graceland there, but so much musical history. My love for Elvis or rockabilly musicians will never dwindle. And I feel it's only right to pay homage to those who inspire me in many ways by dressing in a style they'd appreciate. Elvis would totally be all over me if he were alive today, right? Right?


I love the idea of posting images that inspire me for each outfit. So, expect that from here on out.