Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Illustrations for a line called Advanced Style

Making it to 90 years old would be quite the milestone. So why would anyone celebrate it in any way but fabulously? I have one personal goal in my life: be as much like Iris Apfel as possible. At the age of 83, her wardrobe was on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for no fact other than how fabulous it was. My inspiration for this line comes from a love of fun at any age and the blog called Advanced Style. The target market for this fall 2012 line called “Advanced Style” is anyone ages 20 to 90 who love comfortable fashions. The runway models will be girls the age of 25 or so, only to make it more marketable to those who aren’t 90 years old. The goal of this line is not to be only for the body of a 25 year-old or the physical capabilities of a 90 year-old, because things like that are not relative to age. That’s the goal of this line - prove that fashion need not discriminate by age.  The target market for this line embraces bright colors and bold prints. They know that accessories can make or break an outfit and get a thrill out of mixing ethnic jewelry with prints that no one else would pair. Brocade fabrics, bold hats, feather accents, and a trend called “Iron Lady” all make this line fit perfectly into this fall’s lineup.
I personally believe that the art of fashion is not just found in the garments themselves, but in the way they are styled. I have always thought that personal style is an extremely fun medium to play with; but more than that, it is important to self confidence; so each of the three garments are named after an icon of style - Iris Apfel, Rita Ellis, and Beatrix Ost. Each garment is modest - nothing too form fitting and no hem too short - but bold in every other way. This line would be presented at shows during major cities’ fashion weeks in the ready-to-wear category alongside its competition like Marc by Marc Jacobs and T by Alexander Wang. A single garment from this Advanced Style line could cost anywhere from $60 for a simple cover-up to $350 for a fanciful skirt. This line would be sold in stores like Saks Fifth Avenue or boutiques that sell clothing from people like Oscar de la Renta and L’Wren Scott.

(Done May of 2012)