Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New collection inspired by a current trend

The zapotec and navajo prints found in the southwest United States native Americans and indigenous South Americans are the seeds to what blossomed in this collection. Geometry and organic nature were the inspirations for this collection. The prints and embroidery on garments are powerful and unpredictable while the colors are equally bold, but are dyed only naturally with fruit and bugs. The company that created this line is BoldCurry, a design house that specializes in natural textiles for the gypsy in all. This specific collection is an homage to the thoughts and feelings toward the earth that the Native Americans feel: “Man belongs to the earth; Earth does not belong to man.” BoldCurry is for a conscious shopper, like many shoppers are today considering the “green” trend, that are self-confident and excited about current fashion trends.
The look on the left is an all-natural silk completely pleated tank top dress with a sheer green top over it. The pleated dress is sophisticated yet unkempt because of the imperfect pleats. Uncovered shoulders and sheer fabrics are subtly sexy and BoldCurry plays with those ideas often. The top on the right is completely sheer. It can be worn with something underneath for a more conservative customer, or with nothing under, like pictured. It’s a wide-knit naturally dyed cotton that is very thin and soft to the skin. The two sheer tops pictured have intricately embroidered zapotec designs that make these garments feel and look hand-crafted. BoldCurry wants the customer to be transported to 1875 France where they are buying these garments out of the back of a gypsy caravan. The middle look is the most obviously gypsy look with its head scarf and layering. The head scarf is made of an all natural silk, as well as the blue pleated bottom of the dress. The main fabric of the gold printed dress is a thin cotton. The juxtaposition of a simply printed cotton and gorgeously vibrant silk with perfect pleats make this is dress appropriate for any and all occasions. The shawl is a natural wool that is dyed with cochineal plants. The boots for each of these looks are the exact same, with a black rubber bottom and wooden wedge. They are naturally dyed, and are in fact among the only synthetic fabrics that BoldCurry carries - being a man-made leather substitute.
Navajo prints can be found in everything from H&M’s 2012 bathing suits, to Jean Paul Gaultier’s pre-fall 2012 collection, to Dr. Marten’s newly introduced boots.

(Done April of 2012)