Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My continuation of Temperley London's Fall 2012 Collection

Temperley London is the name of the clothing brand created by Alice Temperley. The market for the House of Temperley lines would be women, since the company only does womenswear, with a budget that could afford anywhere from $150 to $2000 on a garment. They would have to have access to enough money, as well as care enough to spend that money on clothing that fits into their girly aesthetic. Temperley London is a label that is high end enough to be featured in fashion week runway shows, as well as have their looks worn on the red carpet. The overall feel of the brand is a very feminine one with a lot of attention to detail in lace and beading. Competition for Temperley London would be brands like Etro and T by Alexander Wang when it comes to price and because their target market is probably similar, they just don’t have the exact same aesthetic. Style wise, competition would probably be Givenchy and Rodarte because of their intricate and detailed beading and lace work, but they are outside of the price range of Temperley London. A new thing to happen to the House of Temperley, was their addition of wedding gowns to be designed making designers like Yolan Cris a competitor.

The TL fall 2012 line could easily be described as “Golden Russia”. Metallic gold fabrics and huge Russian fur hats and eastern European floral motifs were the main ideas of the line. After researching trends on StyleSight, I found that none of the six or seven very broad trends fit into the aesthetic of Temperley London’s fall line. However, when I went to just to look for a line that might have a trend from which the StyleSight had listed, I concluded that many other lines for this fall had a similar feel that TL had. The use of dark colors - black, dark purples, forest greens, as well as rich fabrics - leather, velvet, and embroidered silks, were to be found in lines from Gucci to Prada to T by Alexander Wang to Dirk Bikkembergs. I concluded that as popular as sportswear, plastic fabrics, new construction techniques, and 1960s fashions may be, as according to StyleSight, so many designers had produced fall lines that fit together in their own luxurious trend category. Of the StyleSight trend for fall, the “crafty” look could be found in Temperley London’s line with their use of bohemian lace and tassels.

From my research of trends on, I saw that gold was a huge color, far more popular than silver, for fabrics and accessories; so I included a gold button-up shirt on my middle illustration, and a gold with a darker gold print satin robe on the illustration on the far right. I saw that heavy fabrics like velvet, thick wools, and leather in dark colors were used often by designers like Jason Wu, Gucci and Prada this fall. The middle illustration is wearing dark green thick velvet cropped pants, the illustration on the far right is wearing a black leather skirt. In the TL fall line, there were beaded design motifs of Slavic-inspired florals so I included that in the top of the illustration on the right. The use of eyelet lace was a big trend this fall with Temperely London using it and brands like No. 21 and Luisa Beccaria, so I included that in the middle illustration with an off white eyelet lace cape. To go with the ‘crafty’ trend, I turned a bit more bohemian to go with the TL line and illustrated on the left model a solid offwhite silk top with gold embroidery and lace. The skirt on the left model is a see-through purple fabric (because not only is it a huge trend happening, but I love to design clothing with see-through fabrics) with more gold embroidery and a black tassel with beads. The shoes for all illustrations are directly inspired by the strappy heels and booties found in the Temperely London line. I drew a thick heel on two of them to go with the trend that is happening all over the blogosphere of Lolita boots. The hats are also borrowed directly from the TL line, so that I could make it look even more like an extension of the brand.

(done February of 2012)